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Sage started out in Montreal 3 years ago, with a simple fact: agencies were either hyper-creative and not mathemetical or too mathematical and not creative. We called it the left or right brain agency problem. Our CEO, Charles Cormier, then decided to create an agency that would be extremely creative, yet immensely realistic, just like Einstein. Our strenght is therefore to bring results to SMEs with our great creativity. And the legacy goes on…


Charles, Mission Captain

Charles is a serial entrepreneur with a bias for action. He is the web conversion marketer in Quebec, Canada. His expertise: branding strategy, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages and Drip Marketing.

Vince, Space Voyage Booker

Vince is the guy that will listen to you and determine what is best for you. He is just an awesome guy and will make you smile, even in your worst days.

Dave, Rocket Scientist

Dave is an e-commerce pro with deep landing page, Facebook Ads and e-mail marketing knowledge. He is a leads powerhouse which will be a huge benefit, especially when sales aren’t there.

Normand, Sagestronaut Recruiter

Normand is in charge of recruiting the best out there. Our team is our greatest asset!

Anuj, Aerospace Engineer

Anuj is an experienced programmer which has the ability to find solutions to complex problems. The quickest route to get where you want, he knows it!

Franc, Space Shuttle Architect

Franc is responsible for making things look good. He’s done it for the past 10 years, so he doesn’t deceive.

Ildar, Asteroid Interceptor

Ildar is in charge of video creation in our team. And god knows that we are good at those.

Abu, Space Jedi

Abu is an experienced programer that built several WordPress Plugins. The go-to reference for WordPress projects.

Atif, Master of Gravity

Atif is the Speedy Gonzalez of coding. He delivers results quickly for clients and is much appreciated in the team.

Reneesh, Alien Stopper

Let’s face it, s**t happens on the internet. That’s where Reneesh comes into play. He prevents, fixes and reanimates.

Syndie, Space Shuttle Coordinator

Syndie helps managing Live Chats and social medias, for us and for clients. She is trilingual (French, English, Spanish) and always there to answer your questions!

Albert, Advisor

Guiding us with his legacy, Albert’s always there to remind us that everything happening in the third dimension can be measured and predicted.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”

-Carl Sagan

Just some of our clients